Welcome to GreenMan Farm!

Authentic Food grown with love on Vashon Island

Hello!  We are Will & Jasper Forrester and since 1997 we have been farming and feeding friends and neighbors thru our CSA, farm stand, and the Vashon Farmers Market.   We are dedicated to responsible stewardship of the land and the highest respect for living systems.  The site has been farmed continuously for over 100 years, we feel honored to carry on the agricultural legacy of this land.

How do we grow? We are passionate about growing healthy food for you and your family.   Conventional large-scale agriculture has many hidden costs, such as  pesticide residues in food, poisoning of farm workers, soil erosion, and nitrates and phosphates in groundwater and streams. Using ecologically sustainable methods, we strive to create a flourishing garden which mimics the diversity and resiliency of natural systems. We work with (not against) Nature to manage insect and disease problems. We rely on cover crops, compost, mulches, and friendly animal helpers to create rich, healthy soils and the best food that sunshine, soil and rain can grow!

Freshness guaranteed!  No middlemen, no warehouses.  Everything we sell in our farmstand, at the farmers market, or in your CSA box is grown by us here on our family farm on Vashon Island and it goes directly to you without any extra handling.  It is harvested, washed and packed up ready for your kitchen within 24 hours!  Everything is grown with love using organic methods.  Have a question about how we grow your food?  Just ask your farmer!

A seed neither fears light nor darkness, but uses both to grow

Matshona Dhliwayo